Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Khmer Happy New Year

People of all races usually celebrate their own New Year every day . They set the time of celebrating their New Year in accordance with their beliefs, customs and traditions. Cambodian people have also held their New Year since the ancient time . Cambodian people celebrate khmer New Year for three days, usually from 13th t 15th of April or khmer called "khe Chet" which is the time when people release from their hard work. Before the New Year, people prepare food, clean their houses, buy new clothes and so on . However, the people in the country sides make trditional cakes called Num Onsom and Num Pun. InIn the pagodas, we build sand mountains outside the temples. Thee first day of Khmer New Year is called Mohasang kran. The second day is named Virak Vanboth and the third day is Called Virak Loeung Sak. The people always go to the pagodas to meet each other and play traditional games Khmer Happy New Year is the most perfect time for Cambodian people.