Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Importance of forests

Cambodia is one of the countries which is in tropical area in the south-east Asia. This geographical feature is good for all kind of trees to grow. Forests are important for people and animals lives, therefore what what are the importance of forests. For the importance is that forests are oxygen producer that make the atmosphere clean and it is comfortable for people to breath. An other thing, forests can stop increasing the heat of the earth. On the other hand, they attract a lot of rain and keep land fertile which are important for people to plant rice and other crops support their lives. If you cut down a lot of forests, there will be a lot of natural disasters like storms, drought, floods which can damage people and government's properties such as crops, roads, bridges, homes and the people will be poorer and poorer. Moreover, forests create wonderful views for tourists. The most important point is that forests are used for building and making luxurious furniture and they are the homes of all kinds of animals. All in all, forests are the most important thing for out lives, so we have to prevent and plant more.